How To Archive Post in Instagram


Preserving memories is a timeless endeavor, and in the digital age, Instagram has become our go-to platform for capturing and sharing life’s precious moments. But what happens when you want to tidy up your feed without losing those cherished photos?

Whether you’re looking to declutter your profile or simply keep certain posts private, archiving provides an ingenious solution. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of archiving photos and videos on Instagram, so you can curate your perfect online gallery while preserving every memory that matters most.

How to Archive Photos in Instagram

Instagram is not just a platform for sharing photos, but also a space to showcase your memories. However, sometimes you may want to tidy up your feed or hide certain posts from public view. That’s where the Archive feature comes in handy.

Now that we’ve covered how to archive photos let’s move onto archiving videos! The process is quite similar; however instead of tapping on three dots like before, press and hold down on the video until a pop-up menu appears with various options. Select “Archive,” and poof! Your video has disappeared from public view.

But what if you no longer wish for certain stories or highlights to be automatically archived? No problem! You can toggle this option off by going into settings > privacy > story controls > save shared photos/videos/stories/archived posts (choose which ones apply) so they won’t be saved anymore!

Archiving photos in Instagram provides an excellent way to declutter without permanently deleting content that holds sentimental value or may have future relevance. By following these quick steps outlined above, organizing and streamlining your Instagram feed becomes effortless while still preserving those cherished moments for yourself alone – or maybe some close friends too!

How To Archive Video in Instagram

From there, scroll down and select “Settings” followed by “Privacy.” In Privacy settings, tap on “Story” controls. Here you will find an option called “Save to Archive.”

Make sure this toggle is turned on so that all your story videos are automatically saved to your archive. By archiving your videos instead of deleting them permanently, they remain accessible only to you.

This way, if you ever change your mind or want to reminisce about old memories captured in those videos later down the line, they will be readily available for viewing. Archiving video posts is a great way to declutter your feed without losing any valuable content. Give it a try today!

How to turn on/ off your stories to Archive:

Instagram Stories are a great way to share moments from your day with your followers, but sometimes you might want to keep them private or save them for later. That’s where the Archive feature comes in handy. With this feature, you can choose whether you want your stories to be automatically archived or not.

If you no longer want Instagram to automatically archive your stories, follow the same steps as above but toggle off the “Save Shared Photos/Videos” option.

By enabling this feature, all of your future Instagram Stories will be saved in a private section that only you can access. This way, if there is something important or memorable that you want to revisit later, it will be safely stored in your archive.

Remember that while turning off the automatic archiving of stories may give you more control over what gets saved and what doesn’t, it also means that any content not manually saved will disappear after 24 hours.

Having control over what gets archived allows users greater flexibility in managing their content and maintaining privacy when needed. So take advantage of this useful feature!

How To Put Archived Postback:

A drop-down menu will appear with various options. Select “Show in Profile” from this menu; this will make sure that your restored post appears back in its original place on your profile grid.

And voila! Your archived post is now back for everyone to see. Remember that only you can view your archived posts unless you choose to unarchive them and make them visible again.

Archiving posts is a great way to clean up your feed without permanently deleting important memories or content from your account. So don’t hesitate to utilize this feature whenever needed!

Where To Find Archived Photos On Instagram

Once you’ve successfully archived your photos in Instagram, you may be wondering where they actually go. Don’t worry, it’s not like your precious memories will disappear into thin air! In fact, finding your archived photos is quite simple.

Inside the Archive section, you’ll notice that there are two tabs: “Posts” and “Stories.” To access your archived photos specifically, tap on the “Posts” tab. Here you can browse through all of your previously posted content that has been safely tucked away.

Remember that only you can see these archived posts unless you choose to share them again or add them back to your profile. So don’t worry about accidentally sharing something from years ago – it won’t happen unless you want it to!

By keeping track of where your archived photos reside in Instagram’s user-friendly interface, retrieving those cherished moments becomes a breeze. Whether it’s revisiting old memories or decluttering your feed without deleting anything permanently, archiving allows for greater flexibility and control over what appears on your profile.


Q: How do I archive videos in Instagram?
A: Archiving videos is just as simple. Follow the same steps mentioned above for retrieving archived photos, but instead of selecting “Archive,” choose “Archive Video” to see a collection of your archived videos.

Q: Can I turn off my stories from being automatically added to my archive?
A: Yes! If you prefer not to have certain stories saved in your archive, you can disable this feature. Go to Settings within the app and select Privacy > Story Controls > Save To Archive. Here, you can toggle off the option to save stories automatically.

Remember that archiving allows for a clutter-free timeline while preserving important memories. So feel free to dive into this feature without worry – it’s a handy tool for curating a visually appealing feed!


In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram has become a popular platform for sharing photos and videos. With its newest feature, Archive, users now have the ability to hide posts from their profile without deleting them permanently. This allows for greater control over what is displayed on your profile and provides an opportunity to curate your content.

By utilizing the Archive feature, you can easily remove any unwanted or outdated posts from public view while still maintaining access to them privately. Whether it’s that embarrassing selfie from years ago or a post that no longer aligns with your current aesthetic, archiving offers a simple solution.

Not only does archiving extend to photos but also videos! You can now store those memorable video clips in your archive folder as well. Simply follow the same steps as archiving photos and voila! Your video content will be preserved for future enjoyment.

To turn on/off Stories Archive, go to Settings > Privacy > Story Controls > Save To Archive. By enabling this option, all your stories will be automatically saved in your archive after they expire.

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